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Buying a Home in 2022

As we wrap up the year, some of us may have been successful in finding our dream home, while others have been outbid multiple times, only to continue the search. We came up with a list of recommendations that will help your home buying experience in 2022, with the goal of securing your home!

Before we dive in, we want to highlight that at Loncar Realty, we work above and beyond for our clients, to ensure they are aware of new listings the moment they hit the market, or even before they are marketed to the public. We also make time to ensure we see the home with our clients first. If our clients are not available, we offer to see the home for them to make sure we can get into the competitive market very quickly. For more information on our brokerage, please visit our About Us, or contact us at 630-918-1150 and 630-999-0749. We look forward to servicing your real estate needs.

  1. Come in with Your Best Money Forward

    1. During the competitive market in 2021, sellers considered higher down payments as stronger offers. Although a high down payment (like 20%) may not be possible for all of us, as you’re planning to purchase your new home, work on a budget plan for 2022 that will enable you to put down a confident downpayment without breaking the bank.

    2. Also, if your credit isn’t very strong at the moment, work on improving your credit score over the coming months. This will enable you to have more options on your interest rate. For tips on improving your credit score, check out Nerd Wallet’s Article.

    3. Be realistic - in a competitive market, it’s rare that you can come in 5-10% lower than list price and have a shot. If you really want the house, come in strong, and put your best foot forward on the “best” offer.

    4. Get Pre-Approved - it’s so important. Most sellers want to see the pre-approval right when you submit the offer. But also, this is important so you know that the homes you’re searching for are within your budget. At Loncar Realty, we also talk to our clients about their “monthly payment,” and what they’re comfortable spending each month. Just because you’re pre-approved for $1,000,000, it doesn’t mean that you feel comfortable also spending $28,000 a year on taxes. Know your numbers, and it’ll help you make your decision quickly.

  2. Act Fast

    1. The market moves very fast - if you’re not one of the first people to see the home, there might be a chance that it goes under contract before you wait a few days to clear your schedule. Of course, we can’t drop everything at any moment to go see any homes, but try to be flexible during the time of your home search, and make sure your agent is available for you.

    2. Make a decision quickly! Window shopping during a competitive market is tough. Know what you want, make sure you’re very transparent with your agent about it, and this will help you make your decision.

  3. Be patient

    1. Don’t settle just because you feel pressured to buy a home. Be honest with yourself, don’t overextend, and the right home will be yours.

  4. Pick the Right Agent

    1. Work with an agent that is flexible, on your schedule, and a fantastic negotiator. An agent that is knowledgeable about the market you're looking in will help you gauge the pricing as well as the different neighborhoods. At Loncar Realty, we constantly study various markets to stay ahead of trends and ensure we're the best asset for our clients to work with.

Ready to buy in 2022? Contact us today - 630-918-1150 and 630-999-0749. We look forward to helping you find your dream home!

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